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  • Knowledge Management
  • Strategy Development
  • Compelling Communications

Core Competencies

Knowledge Management

Starting with your goals, challenges, or opportunities, we help you identify:

  • What you really must know 
  • How to inexpensively reduce your knowledge risk 

Strategy Development

Using intelligence refined from your enhanced knowledge base, we help you in identify evaluate, and confidently choose alternatives for reaching your goals.

Compelling Communications

Creating clear, concise, and results-focused communications between you and your most critical stakeholders. 

About RWA

Started in 1984 as a consulting practice specialized in empowering business development in the environmental and worker protection space, Rifkin-Wernick Associates today provides knowledge management, strategic counsel, branding support, and communications guidance to non-profit and for-profit organizations. RWA has a long-time client base of over 150 companies, including Fortune 100 firms such as 3M, Dupont, and Bechtel.

With a 30+ year track record as an  executive and C-Suite advisor with national and international experience, Neil Wernick, president and co-founder of RWA, has provided expert testimony before OSHA and the US Senate.  Neil works closely with each of RWA’s clients to assure that results meet or exceed client expectations.

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